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Welcome to our new website!

A warm welcome to everybody who has ventured to this little part of the Internet! We don’t know whether you came searching for us or whether you just happened to stumble upon our little online home, but welcome either way.

We will be posting news, Q&A sessions, interviews, technique pieces, DJ dates and links to listen to our already substantial (and ever growing) back catalogue of remixes going back over 10 years. However, we don’t just want this to be a shop window for us, so please do get in touch if there is anything you would like to see on our site that isn’t already here, or if you have any comments or feedback. We are always happy to hear from you.

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Throwback Thursday: Noisettes – Don’t Upset The Rhythm (Soul Seekerz Remix)

4..3..2..1.. Go baby go baby go!

While 2009 may have been quite a while ago, I still remember how much fun it was to work on this remix of “Don’t Upset The Rhythm” by Noisettes.  It is a great song with a great vocal and there are quite a few little lyrical parts that you can really pick up on when working on a remix.  For example, listen to about 41 seconds in and you will hear “Kick…Snare…Hat…” and our accompanying little rhythmic turnaround.  OK, it’s subtle, and maybe a little obvious, but it’s a natural point where you would want to have a little fill or something anyway so…why not?

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Throwback Thursday: Robyn – Handle Me (Soul Seekerz Remix)

Good morning/afternoon/evening to all Soul Seekerz fans out there! Another week has gone by so it’s time for another Throwback Thursday! This week we have one of my favourite Soul Seekerz mixes…”Handle Me” by Robyn.

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Avalon Superstar featuring Rita Campbell – All My Love (Soul Seekerz Remix)

  1. All My Love (Soul Seekerz Remix) Avalon Superstar featuring Rita Campbell 7:33
  2. All My Love (Soul Seekerz Radio Edit) Avalon Superstar featuring Rita Campbell 3:46

It’s not every day that you get to remix your own song under a different name but that was exactly what happened with “All My Love”.  The story goes back a little before this remix started when we were approached by somebody from Boston, MA about doing a Soul Seekerz remix of a track they had written with Steve Smith (of Dirty Vegas fame).  The project was called Avalon Superstar and the man in question was Billy Mead, somebody who was to grow to become a very close friend in the years to come.  When we finished our work on that first remix, Billy invited us over to Boston to hang out in the studio with him…how could we refuse?

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Throwback Thursday: Roisin Murphy – If We’re In Love (Soul Seekerz Remix)

Back in the day we were quite a laid back bunch and never did that show through more in our music that in this (unfortunately) unreleased remix from all the way back in 2005.  For those of you that don’t know, Roisin Murphy was the lead vocalist for Moloko (of “Bring It Back” fame) and we were honoured to get the chance to work with somebody with such a characterful and unique voice.

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Throwback Thursday: Energy 52 – Café del Mar (Soul Seekerz Remix)

If there was ever a tune that defined an entire era of dance music it is the legendary “Café del Mar” by Energy 52. Originally released in 1993, it has seen numerous releases all over the world and, in the UK alone, has entered the charts on threes separate occasions (1997, 1998 and 2002). We were truly honoured when we were asked to do a remix of the song by our friends at All Around The World.

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Brand New Heavies – Surrender (DJ Bomba vs. Soul Seekerz Remix)

  1. Surrender (DJ Bomba vs. Soul Seekerz Remix) Brand New Heavies 5:48

Yet another look back at the early Soul Seekerz days with this sublime and funky reworking of the Brand New Heavies – “Surrender”. There aren’t too many acts still around today that can claim a 30 year history but Brand New Heavies are one of those rare few. “Surrender” was released in 2005 and we were asked to bring a little of our magic to the song along with our friend DJ Bomba (Andrew Galea).

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Addictive featuring T2 – Gonna Be Mine (Soul Seekerz Remix)

Addictive featuring T2 - Gonna Be Mine (Soul Seekerz Remix)
  1. Gonna Be Mine (Soul Seekerz Club Mix) Addictive featuring T2 08:12
  2. Gonna Be Mine (Soul Seekerz Ska Mix) Addictive featuring T2 03:49
  3. Gonna Be Mine (Soul Seekerz Radio Edit) Addictive featuring T2 03:36
  4. Gonna Be Mine (Soul Seekerz Ska Mix Edit) Addictive featuring T2 08:37

Featuring the vocal talents of Aisha Stuart and Louise Bagan (aka Addictive) and Leeds-based producer T2, “Gonna Be Mine” was released in 2007 on Gusto Records. Taking a cue from the original bassline mix, Soul Seekerz created a pair of mixes for the more commercial dancefloors.

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